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Embrace the new death metal masters and their second full-length album “Væ Victis”! AKIAVEL equals blistering melodic death metal madness and, with this new chapter, returns with relentless destruction and greater punishment than ever before. In 2018, vocalist Auré, guitar player Chris, drummer Butch, and bass player Jay came together to create a sound distinctly modern but with an appreciation for the old school death metal legends from the ‘80s & early ‘90s. It didn’t take long until the chemistry between this quartet to hit critical mass. The band have always been quick to lay out the hits, releasing their first, self-titled, EP that December. Drawing

inspiration from bands such as: Morbid Angel, Deicide, Obituary, Cannibal Corpse, Testament and Gojira, this showcased their trademark sound: a mix of Groove, Thrash, Black and Old-school Death Metal, with a touch of melodic riffs, heavy rhythmic and hardcore sounds. Buckle up for a blistering musical ride through the minds of the most abhorrent humans to ever walk the earth. Metal at its best! For vinyl, merch and more visit our website: https://akiavel.com/shop/