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Tobias Derer shredding through pop music with badass drum beats and heavy guitars since 2013. Tobi is a real One-Man-Show: With his Solo-Project UMC he is Drummer, Youtuber, Producer, Videographer and Guitarist - and is quickly making a name for himself in the metal scene. After continuing UMC on his own in 2018 he released 4 Albums, including the successful album “90s in Metal”. Not only do his collage degrees in classic, pop and Jazz show his variety, so do his international touring experience with orchestras, big bands and original bands since he was 12 years old. In 2016, while UMC was paused, Touring- and Festivalstages like Wacken, Nova Rock, support shows for Scorpions, Korn, Billy Idol, Saxon, etc....

were the daily office bevor Tobi picked UMC back up and continued Youtube exclusively. In 2018 Tobi build his own studio in east Germany “Drums & Cymbals Studio” where he is producing and recording his music ever since.