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Caliban Strange is the evolution of 3 decades of Rock and Roll music, visual art, performance art and patentable inventions, starting with the Powdered Brains in the 1980s and branching off into diverse musical projects such as The Solar Powered Rock, Meet Caliban Strange and Avenue Rain, culminating in the fusion of technology and supernatural phenomena. We are obsessively working in the studio on our third album. Our former two album titles are "The Solar Powered Rock" and "Meet Caliban Strange" - available on iTunes and Amazon. Our work has gained national and international attention on the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation website, winning a federal Canada Council grant. MC Church's work for the film industry resulted in a technical Oscar and Emmy. We hope that our unique blend of irreverence, humor, conceptual ideas, fearless musicianship, science and pseudo-science is a welcome addition to your playlists. Follow the Strange!