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I come from a family where my grandfather, father and uncles where making music in a marching band. Raised with music all around me I started playing my fathers "Melodica Alto" and shortly my first keyboard, the famous "Casio SK1". During my time working as a volunteer at the Astronomical Observatory in Rijswijk I played in the synthesizer band "Floating Spheres". I started writing more and more music of my own with the keyboards I bought over the years. All connected to my Atari ST 1024 computer running Cubase by Steinberg. Loads of tapes I filled with songs and instrumental landscapes LEKKER BELANGRIJK / THE NETZ After meeting Jan Knetsch, I joined his band "Lekker Belangrijk" as a sound engineer. Later I started to play in the band as keyboard player.

It is great to make music with others, you develop your own style, but learn so much quicker.