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Every once in a while, artists who have it all – talent, a complete knowledge of their craft, star quality, and an infallible sense of style – enter the music scene. Kristofer Greczula is one of those artists. Add like-minded co-writers and producers to the mix, and the sky becomes the limit for what can be achieved. 2021 is the year when everything falls into place. Kristofer has found himself, the right collaborators, and the integrity of his role models, his icons who have managed to both set dance-floors on fire and touch the listeners hearts with their music echo through everything he does. Just like Prince and Bowie – two of his main sources of inspiration; particularly from a visual perspective – Kristofer boasts a naturally androgynous charisma. He possesses a mystique and a sense of style that is hard to define, but is sure to spark your curiosity. His own sound combines 60s and 70s influences with a modern vocal style. “I’m picking out the best parts of the production technique of today, but with clear organic features. The best of both worlds. It took a while to get there, but it was worth it,” he summarises. He is in good company. The Beatles went through their biggest struggles in Hamburg. Bowie and Bruce worked hard for ten years before they got their big breaks. They were ready. Now Kristofer is ready.