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To listen to Fartyg 6 live is like playing a video game. The scenery is magical, changes intense and the world around subsides. This sextet from Sweden perform their own kind of contemporary art jazz. Odd meter grooves and wide melodical leads match their influences in chamber music, jazzy jazz and free improvisation. The group has released two albums at PACAYA records and been touring internationally since the start in 2014. Modifying influences and variation of expressions; they expand the definition of jazz. Keep exploring and playing around. Some say they've never heard anything like it. Some say it reminds of german contemporary jazz with hints of the band Paavo. Nevertheless their sound is strong and completely necessary. In summer 2021 they release their third record and will go on tour autumn tour. The band members are Matilda Andersson; composition and vocals, Daniel Gahrton; composition and baryton saxophone, Lisa Grotherus / Robert Nevén; bass clarinet, Milton Öhrström; piano, Boel Mogensen; bass, Maria Dahlin; drums