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1996年 中納良恵(Vo、作詞作曲)と森雅樹(G、作曲)によって大阪で結成。 2000年に発表された「色彩のブルース」や2002年発表の「くちばしにチェリー」は、多様なジャンルを消化し、エゴ独自の世界観を築きあげた名曲として異例のロングヒットとなる。以後作品ごとに魅せる斬新な音楽性において、常に日本の音楽シーンにて注目を集めている。ライブにおいては、国内のフェスなどの出演だけに留まらず、ヨーロッパやアジアのフェスに出演するなど、海外でのライブ活動も行っている。 EGO-WRAPPIN’ is a unit formed in 1996 in Osaka. Members include YoshieNakano (vocals, writes lyrics and music) and Masaki Mori (guitar, writes music). They established the project in their hometown of Osaka and later relocated to Tokyo. Persistent sales of their exceptional debut “Blues of Colors” (2000) built nationwide recognition, representing their unique artistry through cabaret music and Showa popular songs, which was inspired by Jazz of the pre-war years. EGO-WRAPPIN’ is a unique and rare artist. Each work constructed with novel and fascinating musicianship, draws the attention of the Japanese music scene. The EGO-sound reflects free atmosphere and hot emotion, which Jazz and Rock music had prior to becoming just titles of genres, and draws from the spirit of our living world. Facing music sincerely, jumping the walls of genres easily, they will tell you how to enjoy music with their pop sense. You feel their song vibrations directly. EGO-WRAPPIN’s thrilling performances of their exciting material have become romantic miracles of today.