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A Native to East London's now 'famed' Hackney Marko Kun aims to deliver his intense focus on melody and "that bounce you can't fight" into all the various genres he seamlessly Slips into in his recording process. Due to being less conventional in comparison to most peers within his childhood environment, Marko often succumbed to his introversion, a trait that would later lead to his early exposure of the vast scape of music at his dispense at home on his laptop, . Combining his natural air for groove and bounce, with his multifaceted approach to music along with a range of influences most notably "Young thug" and "The 1975". Marko Kun surely delivers a true one of a kind take on Pop/Urban music today. MarkoNo1NeverNo2! Marko first caught ears with the release of single 'Been Higher' which garnerd the attention of several key industry playmakers. Finally, after excess of a year, on June 7th Marko picked up even stronger than he left off with His most recent release 'Passy'. 
 follow him on Instagram : @themarkokun