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Brimming with powerful synth hooks, rousing rhythmic patterns and expertly juxtaposed intensities, Weval’s music lends itself rather well to a live setting - but that doesn’t necessarily mean that it follows the prime-time rule-book of constant „in-your-face“ power play. Rather opting for a different, much more nuanced approach, Harm and Merijn successfully adapt their intimate sound cosmos to active dance floors, bringing a heady vibe and lots of flexing bass to clubs and festivals all over Europe. Debuting in 2013 with the impressive and much sought-after Half Age EP , Weval have since found a welcoming home with the Kompakt family where the duo nourished their very own brand of crossover pop rapture on the glistening Easier EP in 2014. This was followed by the bold and beautiful 2015 offering It'll Be Just Fine / Grow Up

which saw the two soundsmiths digging deeper into the granularities of electronic funk than ever before. Their sonic expedition moves deeper into uncharted territory in 2016 with the self-titled debut-full length Weval - not a mere collection of interchangeable tracks, but an organically flowing record with emotional heft and a narrative thread.