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After six albums and numerous collaborations the “Bigre!” musicians have as assumed the position of the most exciting French big band by relentlessly exploring new musical ground in the aesthetics of contemporary Jazz in Europe. They mischievously cross every musical barrier by blending rhythms and styles. Félicien Bouchot leads the way. As a prolific composer and seasoned arranger, he is the mastermind of the orchestra who refuses to limit his writing to a particular style. Cuban Rumba flirts with Balkan odd meters, and Afrobeat and Metal turn out to be unexpected cousins – while trips to New Orleans and Havana have inspired some musical pipe dreams… From an odd meter Ottoman Waltz to a ramshackle R&B number, “Bigre!” counterbalances a classic big band line-up –four sections with trumpets, trombones, saxophones, and a rhythm section – with bold musical statements. Singer : Célia Kameni Saxophone : Pierre Desassis, Julien Chignier, Thibaut Fontana, Romain Cuoq, Fred Gardette Trumpet : Vincent Labarre, Aurélien Joly, Yacha Berdah, Félicien Bouchot Trombone : Loic Bachevillier, Sébastien Chetail, Jean Crozat, Sylvain Thomas El. Guit. : Francis Larue Keyboards : Olivier Truchot El. Bass : Nicolas Frache Drums : Jean Joly Percussions : Jorge Mario Vargas, Isel Rasua et Jonathan Volson