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A single silver microphone glimmers elegantly from the center of the stage. Two tall gentlemen and one small lady step into the light with their instruments and sing about a man, searching for his lost love even after many years. Ultimately he will never find her, in fact the two have never met… Not every song from the German-American trio Standard Crow Behavior is so bizarre. They are also about departure, the desire to forget, eternal love and aging; they describe the forces which move everyone and everything, and question of the right path of life. The name of the band is drawn from a traditional American radio show, but the three young musicians don’t feel at home only with old-timey bluegrass. They all write songs and create a flowing blend of traditional folk, modern pop, intricately arranged compositions and jazz. Without pause, the guitar, banjo, mandolin and violin are swapped between songs with somnambulistic surety. These three are versatile in their active development of a new concept: Chamber Folk. Their strong three-part harmony weaves a layer of sound needing no special effects, allowing listeners to take pause and enjoy a moment of standstill. Standard Crow Behavior plays music which speaks for itself. Completely pure. Sung and played string by string. Through one microphone. Judith Beckedorf - Banjo, Mandolin, Vocals Steve Voltz - Guitar, Vocals Filip Sommer - Violin, Mandolin, Vocals