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The Plastic Smile is 16 years of LB City d.i.y. Punkrock! Starting in 1994 during the 1980s newschool revival, the band soon established as a classical 3 piece and stayed this way, with the same personelle, ever since. It was not the achievement of money or success that drove us to this very day to move on, but rather the lifestyle, the friendship and simply the fun of making music and playing shows. We have seen the rise and fall of a whole genre and scene around us and have had some trouble ourselves. As times change, people change! Nevertheless we discovered that there is nothing more important to us than to stick together as friends and partners in crime and keep on rollin'. As a reincarnation of our old identity, TPS is now the way to go, for us and hopefully for everyone who has ever been with us! The songs we write are simple, honest and straight from the heart! This is what we love to do and it means the world to us! So come to one of our rare shows if you like what you hear and party with us for the gifts of music and friendship!