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Matt LeSilva, known as Matthew da Silva, is currently a 16 year old artist trying to grow in the music industry. Born in Atlanta, raised in São Paulo, Brazil, he has travelled through a few country’s, varying from Brazil, Canada, and the U.S., gaining a good part of culture of each country , including the different varieties of music taste. 
 First starting music back in May 4th, 2018, he was very excited and passionate about the career until however, facing issues with moving across many places. After September 15, 2018, making music was a bit difficult to do as all the stress from school, moving, and having no inspiration, he hadn’t continued since. 
 That’s until July 18th, 2020, when the pandemic had taken over leaving everyone at home, he got back into the career and first created “This love is unending”, using Ableton Live 10, and got him back into music after providing all the different tools it brought to the table. 
 Currently attempting to become a well known artist, he strives to find inspiration to make music when he can to keep his career going rather it takes time or not. He enjoys every part of it even though currently he isn’t big.