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    Sliding Doors (There You Are)
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    Blackout - Biicla Remix - Biicla
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    Blackout - SEMJON Remix - Semjon
CLO's sound is a powerful blend of pop & soul that emerged organically growing up listening to greats like Aretha Franklin and Stevie Wonder.
Her unapologetic and fearless streak lies in her appreciation for artists like Rihanna and Lady Gaga, and her soul roots were solidified by her inspiration- Amy Winehouse. There is no doubt about it, CLO's message is power and strength through adversity. "As a young woman, I want my message of female empowerment to resonate. We all go through stuff and the best revenge is always being strong and living well."
CLO writes with emotional fire. Secure in her thoughts. It's this confidence and years of training that led to CLO's transition to Los Angeles, where she was discovered by go-to pop-rock producer Warren Huart (The Fray, Colbie Caillat, James Blunt). The pair's synergy was instant, "Warren saw that I am a very dedicated artist and we clicked right away." CLO’s first single, titled "Blackout", is a retro soul permission slip to fade out the madness, becoming stronger and smarter. 
A storm is coming with CLO, a voice to sing but also a heart to say something. “I’m 20 and this is the start of my career. I’m trying to be a smart artist but also a strong young woman.” CLO knows music is her love language. “Going into the studio for the first time I had to keep reminding myself that I 100% belong here, I have so much to say.” CLO is saying it, loud and clear!


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