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There's only so much you can do alone, which is why Jonathan Howe, Milan Nossin, Alexander van der Kruijf and Leonhard van Voorst decided to join forces as Tumult Kollektiv. The Berlin-based group got to know each other as dear friends, working together on various projects, before deciding to band together and shake up the state of affairs in video game music. Their approach is holistic, blending sound design and traditional instrumentation to create unique and daring worlds of sound. Through working together with industry giants such as JunkieXL and Jesper Kyd, Tumult Kollektiv has been fortunate enough to compose additional music for projects such as The Great C and the upcoming Borderlands 3 DLC. In late 2019, they got to release their first original game score for the indie game Pine. Tumult Kollektiv promotes experimentation and creativity. Imperfection and failure are held dear, because only when established patterns break, there is room for innovation.