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To finally get out again, to experience something, to use time sensibly or put time wasted to good use, a search for depth and high intensity: “Can you wake me up a little sooner” asks Ro Bergman in his current single “Wake”. Not a minute is wasted. The mountains/the waves/the adventures are calling. During a pandemic nostalgia and yearning hit twice as hard. It’s been a year of weird circumstances, and our only connections to the things that make our lives exciting and vibrant are memories and imagination. That’s part of why Ro Bergman chose to start his new single “Wake” with velvety dreamscapes – scenes melt into one another, days and nights become a blur. Ro deliberately walks a tightrope between stasis and drive, calm and upheaval, dreams and awakening. The pull of the lyrics fuses with the music’s urgency and wakes the craving to take a step outside – of our homes or of our heads. The track brings us the vast expanse we’d almost forgotten after months spent in flats and houses, trapped between the same four walls. “Wake” unites all that could be possible if we awoke with a dream and could actually go out and live it: I started to dream in a new way More beautiful than strange “Wake” is a further puzzle piece of the “Hi Lo” EP, produced together with Niko Stössl and Zebo Adam, which will be released in summer 2021