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Christie Ann is a singer, songwriter and EDM artist in Los Angeles, California. She plays multiple instruments and self-produces all of her own house and trap style music. After changing genres from rock to EDM, Christie released her first fully self-produced EP named “Satisfied” in June of 2016. Since the release of that album, Christie has continued to release singles into the marketplace. Starting on the violin at the age of 10, Christie Ann has progressed throughout the years to learn multiple instruments including piano, guitar, and electric bass. Christie played guitar in many bands throughout high school, college, and her early 20s, ranging in style from punk, to rock and metal. She earned a degree in studio recording from UMKC where she learned the techniques that allow her to be a skilled music producer today. Additionally she also DJed in the electronic scene, gaining much notoriety in Austin Texas at the time. After moving to Los Angeles and becoming influenced by EDM artists such as Phillip George, Duke Dumont, Sigala,

and Diplo, Christie decided to focus her music production and performance to EDM and Pop genres. She has also trained many hours with top vocal coaches in LA to hone her singing talents. Christie Ann has taken her show on the road and is performing her EDM set live in music venues across Los Angeles.