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Shimmer Johnson

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About this Artist

Posted By Shimmer Johnson

Shimmer Johnson renders an ethereal pop delectation decorated by susurrant vocals and spare percussion backing - 'Pride' is ambient bliss.' 1st Single that is currently getting some attention!

Shimmer's music is full of emotion. When you listen to "Shimmer" really listen to the lyrics and the meaning of the song. Shimmer writes about love, emotional issues you have with yourself at times, and real world problems everyone goes through. Shimmer is "REAL"

Currently Shimmer is working on her 2017/2018 Pop album. Featuring some great songs "PRIDE" "GETAWAY" and "DON'T BREAK ME"

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    New York City, US
    288 Listeners
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    Dublin, US
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    Dallas, US
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    Atlanta, US
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    St Louis, US
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    Asheville, US
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