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Sam’s songs offer a lyrical depth and maturity that is at odds with his youth. His songs talk of finding hope, courage, beauty and redemption amid the struggle of everyday life. Every song is carefully crafted, the placement of each lyric and chord measured to impact the listener both sonically and through the words being sung. Sam is supported on stage by a regular full band line up and his live performances are an energetic combination of tight, musical precision and relaxed, spontaneity. Playing at venues across the UK including the summer festival scene Sam has also taken his music on tour to Germany. 2021 sees the release of Sam’s second EP “A Second of Love”. Following on from the success of Sam’s debut EP “Man Made” which cumulated over 100,000 streams on Spotify alone, “A Second of Love” promises to be a more mature, adventurous and organic sounding record. The title track for the EP holds the lyric, “a second of love lasts longer than years without”. This is the idea that all our pain and suffering can be forgotten in the presence of love, yet love is our stronghold in the presence of suffering and pain. It’s those ‘seconds’ that carry us through a lifetime. ​ Supporting musicians include: ​ Gio Metaxas - Guitar Stephen Clift - Bass Guitar Jamie Steenbergen - Drums