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Slacker synth-wave refuseniks Polychrome are based in east London. From hearing them you might say they channel the spirit of Electric Youth and the electronic ecstasy of M83, but you'd be wrong. 'We’re materialists', says Victoria (Lyricist/Vocalist), 'but we’re not nihilists - all of our music comes from the depths of our souls’ that we don't believe in'. 'Yeah', says Oliver. 
 Polychrome write Sega-Tronic Dreamwave and Synthpop, and as huge fans of the Drive Soundtrack - OST - they love 80’s style live drum kits, vintage microphones and retro keyboards. They’d hack your Game Boy to get a new snare sound! 'That’s Nintendo', points out Oliver. 
 Their new single “Starts with a Kiss” juxtaposes Victoria's dreamy vocal melodies with driving and throbbing Italo-bass and features a roaring guitar solo from Bjorn Agren of Razorlight. It is at once pretty and muscular...the apparition of real love in dystopia...like if Don Henley wrote The Terminator soundtrack...Is it about Ryan Gosling again? 'Probably', shrugs Victoria. 
 Polychrome’s debut album has picked up a cult following, with their particular flavour of nostalgic dream pop proving popular with TV producers and film makers. “Final Kiss” features on fashion brand La Mania’s campaigns across Europe, the soundtracks of Netflix’s ‘Unorthodox’ and teen drama ‘To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before’ and Amazon’s 'Red Oaks'. Other songs have synced with brands as diverse as Opal and Vogue.