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Posted By Gracielini

GRACIELINI (formerly known as Ty Gracie) called GRACE by those close to him, is an East Coast/Southern rapper with an amazingly unique voice and flow who demands and deserves attention and respect wherever he goes.

He was born and raised in the Hampton Roads Tidewater area of East End, Newport News “better known as Bad Newz,” Virginia. He is the leading force and CEO behind DYNASTY GLOBAL INC. as well as all ABK Music Mafia brand and products. With his passion, energy, dedication and talent, Grace has pushed the ABK brand on the underground scene independently over the last ten years despite all of the industry’s ups and downs, two failed record deals with two major's to account for and a host of other obstacles proving Gracielini's success is far from an overnight phenomenon.

Hands down, he is more determined than ever to become one the greatest Hip Hop artist of our time and continue to build a brand that last through the ages.

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