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Alex Menzies is a musician and composer, operating in various fields of sound including electronic production, sound installation and instrumental composition. His main interest is in combining traditional forms of composition and musicianship with the more experimental approaches allowed by modern technology. Initially trained in classical cello, drums and singing, then progressing to electronic production under a range of monikers including Alex Smoke and Wraetlic, he has since increasingly focussed on one-off performances, sound for picture, psycho-acoustics and collaborations with visual artists and orchestral musicians. Recent work has included scoring BBC science programs, Order & Disorder and Mechanical Marvels: Clockwork Dreams, composing a score for Scottish Ballet’s ‘Sibilo’ and providing music for various other film projects. In the last few years he has also been engaged in a music fellowship with NHS Lothian, researching music’s ties to healthcare and wellbeing, and producing several works exploring these themes. He also regularly collaborates with visual artists, including Florence To, Heather Lander and Nagoya-based Vokoi.