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Pianist and composer Tomas Grut was born and raised in a musical family in Östersund, northern Sweden. He started playing the piano at the age of ten and soon also discovered the joy in creating his own music. Tomas has since studied under the likes of award-winning Swedish pianist Lena Johnson and British composer Peter Lyne among others and has released four studio albums. 
Grut’s musical style is often described as minimalistic, filmic and often introspective, drawing comparisons to contemporary artists such as Ludovici Einaudi and Michael Nyman.
 Outtakes from album reviews: 
 ”Anxious, richly illustrated and emotionally strong” - Lo Rindberg, LT 
 ”A philosophical appropriation in both the titles and the highly cohesive mood that Tomas Grut creates with his music” – Lo Rindberg, LT 
 ”The music is filmic, scaled-down and easy to grasp” - Paula Dahlin, LT 
 ”It’s melancholic music with a gloom in the middle of a sort of explanatory light" – Lena Byström, LT 
 ”Tomas piano playing is deft, the appropriation is very nice and the minimalist music required a soft consistency in the technical which Tomas possesses” – Lena Byström, LT 
 Outtakes from concert reviews: 
 ”…expressed with spark and passion…” ”… dreamy and saturated with beauty…” ”…as a modern raindrop prelude…” – Bernt Carlsson, ÖP
 ”…strong and melancholic…” ”…warmly and sincerely played…” – Jenny Isaksson, ÖP 
”…mysterious, dreamy and soothing as a crystal clear waterfall… – Linda Peterson, LT