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Starting out as an animator, Greg McCann a.k.a. FireAwayMarmot soon found that he enjoyed crafting soundtracks for his videos more than making animation itself. This led to his 2016 debut titled Freak Music, originally a nine song E.P. that was available as a .zip download from his website, along with some digital comics and an animated video of an additional track. This instrumental album blended elements of carnival music, punk and goth into a phantasmagorical whole designed to intrigue those of an inventive spirit and strong constitution. It was at this point that he coined his personal music style as "Bizarro Punktoon Ambient". 2017 saw the release of the "July 2017 Singles" E.P. which blended the raw gritty guitar sound of Freak Music with a somewhat techno approach. In March 2018 came the first L.P. from FireAwayMarmot titled "Brain Mines", a return to form with sixteen guitar centred tracks ranging from soulful blues to psychedelia to blistering hard rock. In 2019 he released the "Tech Singles" E.P. which features nine songs made entirely with digital instruments, ranging in influence from DrumnBass to house music to electro psychedelia. This year also brought the re-release of the Freak Music E.P. and the July 2017 Singles E.P. combined into one full length L.P. titled "Freak Music", digitally remixed and remastered. A new L.P. is on the way this summer, as well as possible collaborations in the future. Bizarro Punktoon Ambient lives on...