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Reza Tajbakhsh born on 18th of November 1981 in Tehran. He started his unofficial activity from 1990 playing Piano and in early 2000 he officially entered the Music industry. From 2000, he was Orchestra Leader for the most popular pop singers inside Iran like Hami, Hamid Khandan, Mani Rahnama, Nima Masiha, Babak Jahanbakhsh, Sirvan Khosravi, Amir Tajik and many more. 
 His main Concern in Music is Jazz-Latin and cooperating with his band which is Called "E-Jazz" he performed several concerts in this genre. He was the guest artist in Symphonic orchestra, selected as best Piano Player in 2012 and the Best Pop Music arranger in 2013 and He is Working on his own album Now.