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Born and raised in South London, Ishod B discovered his love for words and writing at a young age. A unique singer-songwriter, Ishod B captivates the listener with deep rooted poetic lyricism, soulful melodies and a rich blend of classic piano led compositions. He’s currently working on his debut album where he displays a natural, authentic ability to relay compelling and thought-provoking stories of self-discovery through song and visual art. Described as a breath of fresh air, Ishod B is an artist with a signature sound and demonstrates true expressions of fingerprinting his work with his debut release ‘Loud’ Inspired by his own experiences with overcoming adversity through acceptance and self-reflection, ‘Loud’ explores the mental health and well-being of both the individual and the society we have created. The song aspires to challenge the self-inflicted and systematic labels - the inner/outer noise, distractions, doubt and imaginary lines of division that drown out our own, true inner voice.  
 “Loud is a breath of fresh air at a time where mainstream music has become much more about following trends than optimizing authenticity. The song has a powerful message that is delivered beautifully through poetic lyricism, sultry vocals and classic melodies that, combined, result in a soulfully candid anthem for finding inner peace.” - Sagal Mohammed, Freelance Journalist at Glamour, Vogue, AnOther, Evening Standard, MTV, Wonderland, Stylist, Dazed, Bustle etc.