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We're a partyband, making people party at parties since 2002. It's a lot of fun, people like to party. There are all kinds of parties; parties at nightclubs, parties on cruise ships, parties in someone's backyard, parties at festivals, parties in offices, parties in factories and parties in pants. We've been at it for almost 20 years, so we've played at pretty much every kind of party there is. Sometimes we party at the parties, other times we don't party that much. Maybe we go back to the hotel and talk about parties, maybe we have a party of our own at the hotel. The possibilities are endless. TrrTrrTrr is: Will Trr Erix (vocals & rhythm guitar) Muzzy Trr Johnz (drums & gloves) Stewart Trr Matthews III (vocals & bass) Freddie Trr Michaels (vocals & keyboards) Alex Trr Nikolai Sinebryfuckoff (vocals & lead guitar)