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Elly's extraordinary range and depth resonates powerfully with her beautiful words. Fired by life, love, pain and poetry reflecting the waves and vicissitudes of nature. Born and bred in the abundant Devon countryside, Elly has created a truthful world that makes you stop, listen and feel. She lives off-grid in a cabin in the woods where she continues her envelopment with nature. Her debut EP 'Soliloquy' is to be released in singles on the 9th, 16th and 23rd of October. Three solos accompanying herself on the piano to songs titled 'For Dan', 'Wonder' and 'Time' she delves into an honest world of pain, resolution and conversations with those who have passed away. These songs highlight the vulnerability and strength of humanity in its definition; life and death. In this raw EP she mourns and grows through the songs and takes the listener on a journey away from this world. “My music is about finding moments in time and creating beauty, or being honest about its pain; or quite simply about love. I’ve been so inspired by where I live and imagery of that seeps through.