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It's been a long road for Stockholm's Tainted Black, from raw lyrics scrawled on a Post-It nearly a decade ago to their debut album, released in the summer of 2019. 
 Most musicians will tell you their careers began when they heard a particularly powerful song on the radio, or followed a family tradition of making music. Not Alexander Karlsson, reeling from loss and surrounded by death, he started his journey as someone with something to say, and he had to find a way to say it. 
 Member by member, Tainted Black took form over the years as Karlsson dedicated himself to the drums. Lead guitarist Johan Hörnqvist, rhythm guitarist Johan Ohlson, bassist Fredrik Lundquist and vocalist Jesper Hember all took stabs at rounding out the band, and each slotted perfectly into place. Gaining momentum with dozens of live shows, including a successful run at Emergenza Fest, but with no recording budget, the band taught themselves how to make an entire album in their practice space. "Nirvana" is the second single and first video from that self-titled record.