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Lars Bröndum, PhD, is a composer and musician. His music has been performed throughout the world. His music often is structured around cyclical processes, irregular ostinatos, fragmented gestures and microtonal clusters. Bröndum writes electroacoustic music and music for ensemble, and orchestra. He is also performs live using an analog modular system, a Theremin, effect pedals and sometimes a laptop with Max/MSP. His music often explores the interaction between acoustic and electronic instruments and lives on the border between written music and improvisation. Bröndum’s CD “Fallout” was awarded best album in the category "Experimental" in the Manifest Award 2016 by SOM (Svenska Oberoende Musikproducenter). He has released the CDs “Chain of Events” on Elektron Records, “Fallout”, “The Text and Sound Project” and now “Chimera Cadence” on Antennae Media label. More info: