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Nicolas Enne (that’s me) is an indie-folk musician originally from São Paulo, Brazil. Music wasn’t always my primary thing, but it’s something that has been present my whole life. The first tune I’ve ever played was a piano at the age of five but the first time I actually fell in love with an instrument was when I was 12 and discovered the bass. Ever since then I played in bands and eventually started writing my own songs. Indie-folk was always the genre that attracted me most, being present in my teenage years all the way up to today and it’s a genre I always felt good listening to. In my primary concept of life, if the world can do something good for you, you should do something good in return, so I write and record my songs in the hopes that they bring people what so much other musics brought me. Please feel free to reach out, I'm always happy to talk to any fans. - Nicolas