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Candice Chenade is a talented Singer, Songwriter & Performer. She has a unique sound, singing her playful pop-soul grooves & jazzy melodies. 
 Her seductive vocals captivate her audience and leave them yearning for more. Candice writes about her personal experiences and expresses her emotions and desires through her music. Her songs are relatable and she herself, says that she writes songs about men but for women. 
 She’s heavily influenced by Reggae and Neo Soul and you can hear that in her musical style. Her single “close” is the perfect example of this Reggae Soul Fusion. 
 Candice is from the North and has Mancunian music running in her veins. But the hustle and bustle of busy London gives her music that passion and fire that you can vibe with. 
 Watch the Close Video here! 👇🏾