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If music is a look into an artist’s personality, shaped by instinct, inheritance, and environment, Zack Joseph has proven his music-making to be a culmination of a life well-lived and yet steeped in tradition. He — a Nashville-based multi-instrumentalist, cellist and singer — has grown to create a strikingly fresh, unparalleled sound that resonates with generations. After a three year musical hiatus and a lifetime of soul searching, Joseph returned to his musical roots with a stronger sense of self and gender identity. A reflection of authenticity and the freedom that comes with it, his forthcoming album, Keeping Me Sane, is a reflection on life, love and the never-ending search for self. It’s the product of navigating relationships, embracing sexuality, and learning acceptance — an illumination of the human condition that leaves us hopeful for more. As Joseph says, “This music is about feeling acceptance, regardless of your walk of life, and knowing that everything will be okay. The process of creating this album was just that for me.” The result is collection of songs that embrace every inch of life, and capture Joseph’s realizations along the way. “I don’t have it all figured out in any sense, but I’ve stayed true to myself and am ready for what comes next.” Keeping Me Sane reminds us all to embrace the freedom in letting go.