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Use Möre Gas is the Düsseldorf based powerhouse founded in

2010. The original members Dan, Costa and Dom were soon joined by Niki who gave up two strings to get the job as their bass player. From there on they went out to show people what kicking ass is all about. Their music grabs you by the balls, pushes you into overdrive and makes you feel like being part of the meanest roadmovie soundtrack out there. The undeniable vibe of Rock 'n' Roll, nasty Punk Rock mixed with double guitars and rusty vocals doesn't come often these days. It's a simple but effective recipe and pays tribute to their obvious heroes, while giving you their own trademark Highway Rock'n'Roll in one riff. Their debut EP "Gang Of Gasoline", released in 2013, made clear these motherfuckers are dressed to kill and ready to blow up the stage. The energy level is on a dangerous high with sweat, blood and tears dripping from the ceiling when they show their trade sharing stages with bands like Chrome Division, Chuck Norris Experiment, Nitrogods, V8WIXXXER or The New Black. Put on your dancing boots and prepare for a fast, dirty and loud Rock 'n' Roll adventure. Use Möre Gas - If it ain't loud, it ain't right