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Nashville-based singer/songwriter Katie Reece started writing and performing songs at the ripe age of 10. With a background in R&B and Rock, Katie was heavily influenced by soulful vocals and heavy instrumentation, which should come as no surprise after listening to EverSōl. Katie began writing songs for the EverSōl project with rock guitarist Matt Coffin in 2014 and has since collaborated with various musicians and producers that possess the kind of talent you’ll only find in Nashville.

The sound that emerged was a statement, a statement declaring there is always light to be found, even in your darkest hour. Alas EverSōl was born. Katie takes on the alter ego Keece as she gets lost in her haunting melodies and bears the darkest moments of her life through her intimate lyrics. Join the growing army of EverSōldiers as I share my Sōl story with the world. Sign up at EverSōlMusic.com