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We are GEOCENTRIC FOOLS. We gotta tell you something. What you see is the sun spinning round... the earth. Now hold on, you scientist, flat earth people and Terence Pratchett lovers. Let us explain... Our logo is supposed to show the orbit of the sun going around the earth, which is the old fashioned geocentric worldview, which to it's time was proven to be the righteous. Of course only until it was proven wrong, as so many worldviews were before... There is so much proof that proves, that proof is wrong! Damn! You see what we mean? So simply we called ourselves "Geocentric Fools" just to show how foolish we could be in thinking we understand the true meaning of anything... Well just another fool on the hill we guess. PS: If science someday should reveal that the heliocentric worldview was a mistake all along and there is evidence for another worldview... we promise to rename ourselves to Heliocentric Fools. •

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