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Chaotic, Nostalgic, Modern. photography of BTS from the VICES video shoot by Whispering Valley Photography. "This is a song that’s undeniably changing the tune for WthCnvctn. The electronic, pop and fast beats intermingled in a heavy metal sound make a fantastic genre mix. They created a dynamic song that simultaneously mixed elements of multiple genres and heavily dominated them with metal." - Dylanna Fisher, Switching Styles "These guys weren't kidding when they said they blend genres... It's heavy!" - Unsigned Artist Showcase "Vices also highlights WthCnvctn’s ability to fuse different sounds and genres, for example the emo, metal, metalcore sound merged with various electronic elements. They draw influence from heavy bands like Gojira and Bring Me The Horizon, as well as pop, emo and pop-punk to metalcore and post-hardcore, and even Skrillex." - Rob, GigRadar Thank you for the support! If you like our music and want to know more about us and what we do, follow us on Spotify, Facebook, Patreon, Instagram, Bandcamp and Twitter! Show your friends and we'll keep making music!