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Paris Wells was well travelled both musically and geographically before hooking up with Sound of Copenhagen. Growing up in Melbourne, she became infatuated with hip hop and jazz at a young age, which in turn kickstarted her own career and influenced her unique sound which also incorporates elements of pop, soul and electronic music. “I'd put my new stuff at drink#2, just before you're heading out pre drinks if you will.” The track, an irresistible slice of electro-pop that has Paris’ unique soulfulness all over it, is a homage to her friends and their ability to cheer her up: “I realized through all our drama, there's always an end, hurt passes, time moves us, places change us and you just have to keep the boogie with you.” The song title references a physical attribute she used to struggle with: “I hated my mouth and was very self conscious of it, when the irony dawned on me, it's one of the most important parts of who I am. It carries my voice, my laugh, my smile and my ability to drink Champagne for breakfast. So I decided to MAKE WAY FOR THE OVERBITE”. The track is produced by the British production team Eat More Cake and co-produced by Paris herself. It should have no problem finding its way into DJ-sets and onto dance floors throughout Europe this autumn.