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Hello, my name is Wolfgang Hauck. I am a German multimedia artist, musician and instrument maker. I was born in 1964 in a small town in Bavaria.
I was particularly fascinated by music, sounds and mathematical contexts, as discovered by the Greek philosopher Pythagoras, but also by the sound of the electric guitar. Therefore my music was inspired by minimal music and Pythagorean thinking, and has many characteristics of the New Age music of the 1980s.
As a fifteen year old autodidact I acquired the technical basics and set up a workshop for instrument making at home. By 1983, I had already developed five different electronic stringed instruments based on the model of Asian and European zithers:
The South Indian VINA, the Chinese CHIN (Qin), the Japanese KOTO, the Indian TAMBURA and the European TRUMSCHEIT.
These instruments allow different ways of playing from suggestive loops to solo playing. My developed pickups make it possible to make the finest lateral movements and resonances audible.
The album "Concert 1986" contains the recording of the concert of September 20th 1986, which is a highlight of the concert series from 1984 to 1988.
Relax, take your time to enjoy it!
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