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punk rock/pop singer Maggie Lindemann has released “She Knows It,” her first song since the release of her January 2021 debut EP PARANOIA. “She Knows It” arrives with a video directed by Vixxion that features popular artist Jasiah as the lead male, and has appearances from collaborator Siiickbrain and popular alternative artist TOOPOOR. The video had a special viewing yesterday at Travis Barker’s House of Horrors online paid event. “She Knows It” is released as Maggie is currently on a nation-wide tour with Madison Beer. “I wrote this song about how I liked a girl who had a boyfriend. She would confide in me about how shitty he was and say and do things that would kind of lead me on but then tell me she didn’t ‘mean it like that’…so I was like fuck it, I’m gonna write about it,” said Maggie of the song. About the video, she said: “I wrote up the concept kind of right when we made the song. I instantly had a vision for it and wanted to give it a high school 2000’s feel but also keep it current and industrial and surreal spin from a normal classroom setting. I wanted to tap into my high school fantasy -- haha.”