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Davio DI


  1. 1.
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    Let It Go
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  4. 4.
    Falla ner
  5. 5.
    Hundarna - Alternative Version
In creol he would be called a "ti garcon chelbè" (what does it mean, verbatim? It's unusual with è at the end of words.
Is not it?) In English he is a Swehatian, and in Swedish he is Davio DI, a visually appealing and dancer pop artist.
With his music he wants to enlighten, he wants to tell and process things he has been involved in. He wants to stand up for those who do not have the opportunity or lack the right to speak. As a non-straight and non-white person, he brings his inspiration from different parts of Swedish society, from different parts of the world and from his own roots in Haiti. In his song lyrics, he mixes Swedish and creol.
Davio DI moved to Sweden from Haiti at the age 13. He has always had a passion for standing on stage and as a 15-year-old he began training for dancers in the suburb of Husby, north of Stockholm. Dance and artistry were not appreciated professions in his family, but he went his own way, trained himself and toured with famous artists in Sweden and Europe, and today he is witnessing the major Swedish musical scenes. Davio DI has worked both abroad and in Sweden, as a singer, musical artist, dancer and actor. One of bigest song is ”Let It Go”.


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