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Oslo Ess is a Norwegian punk rock band formed in 2009 featuring members of Silver, Upstrokes, and All Friday amongst their ranks. The band consists of lead singer/guitarist Åsmund Lande, guitarist Peter Larsson, bass player Knut-Oscar Nymo, keyboardist Simen Nyutstumo Stensland and drummer Eivinn Arctander. Oslo Ess has released six critically acclaimed studio albums; “Uleste Bøker og Utgåtte Sko” (2011), “Verden på Nakken, Venner i Ryggen” (2012), “Alle Hjerter Deler Seg” (2014), “Konge uten ei Krone” (2016), "Frie Radikaler" (2018) and "Pønk, rock og harde kår" (2021). Oslo Ess’ debut album was nominated for best rock album at Spellemannprisen 2011 (Norwegian Grammy) and their two following albums were number one on The Norwegian Billboard chart (VG-lista). The album "Frie Radikaler" was also nominated for The Norwegian Grammy Awards for best rock album in 2019. Since their debut, Oslo Ess has had 10 singles listed on Norwegian national radio, including hits as “Alt jeg Trenger”, “Bislet Stadion”, “Caroline” and “Gi meg noe dritt”. Oslo Ess is known for being one of the most popular live bands in Norway and set a national record of 210 concerts in one year in 2012.