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Yip Yiu Kwan is a Hong Kong-based musician and music producer. His music combines layers of renovating electronic music and beats production. Through digital manipulation of authentic beats and sampling elements, his work blended traditional electronic music with contemporary sonic content accompanied by a hint of oriental touch. As an asian musician, Yip believed that he is responsible to exhibit eastern culture to the world through his art. East meets west, a concept rooted deeply in Yip due to the cultural diversity of the city where he was raised. The same methodology is precisely what can be expected in the 2019 Chinese Ecstasy EP. In this EP, one can be indulged into the territories of identity exploration, cultural conventions, ritual, religion & political studies with a mix of electronic sounds and eastern ideology. The core constitution of the EP embodies the culture of Hong Kong, the East and the West. In near future, Yip will continue to consolidate and extend the concept of east meets west into his art and explore new sounds throughout the process. Yip strongly believes that to become a musician, one has to master the art of life. His mission is to deliver sonic euphoria to his audience and initiate inspirational thinking of human beings.