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I'm Jotsey, 23, a singer/songwriter from Manchester UK - in a little town called Bolton. I started making music in 2015 with a pop-punk band but wanted to create music for myself - merging interesting electronic pop sounds with a guitar based soul. 
Various artists inspired me in taking this different approach to creating music - such as Jon Bellion, who's one of my favourite artists, James Bay, Bon Iver, Ed Sheeran and Lauv . 
I made a few songs with Logic Pro and instantly loved making music with a more pop driven sound. I literally could not stop writing songs and before I knew it I had tonnes of songs that were just laying around on my computer doing nothing. 
A little while later I found a producer in South Manchester (kommy at SHED studios) who I started recording with in his garden cabin shed..and it sounded phenomenal! At this point I decided to take making music seriously and actually make an effort with releasing songs to the public, instead of just with my friends. 
In 2020 I had my first proper release - debut EP ‘Colours’ (which amassed 50k+ plays on all platforms and was playlisted/blogged by 20+ major tastemakers!) It was a culmination of all of my efforts in bringing something fresh to the pop scene. New music is incoming in 2021! 
''With Bon Iver feel & James Bay sensibility, Jotsey is set to make waves in the UK and beyond. Big music blogs have all been queuing up to be the first to share. Don't miss the ride!''