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Alien Chord Records is proud to present the new single from June Niesein "Apocalypse". The first release from his upcoming debut album, also called "Apocalypse", is a call to arms, a call to resist, a call to bring it into existence! We will pierce the veil of this ILLUSION all around us! Bring the darkness into the light! WARNING: this planet is heading into collision at 300 miles per hour! We are surrounded by a global virus called FEAR & OPPRESSION: Corona Virus, Refugees, Walls, Drugs, Addiction, Pollution, destroying Nature, using Media as their main manipulation tool. This fear keeps our vibration super low, because fear is the opposite of love! Don't get trapped in the ILLUSION (matrix)! The time has come to awaken from this post-traumatic sleep that affects all of us. This is about changing direction and creating a new world. We are the seeds of the new world, and the roots that will reshape society. This is an Apocalypse! Welcome to the Resistance!