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Electro/Ambient/Experimental music-project Reflected Illusions creates textures and soundscapes that lead directly from the inner-workings of the mind of writer/producer Reza Najafi a.k.a., Rez, straight into your brainwaves to spark your imagination. With a multitude of sounds, atmospheres, energies and in-depth layers – Reflected Illusions aims to innovate the Electro-genres through the organic curiosity of exploration, enthusiasm for genuine discovery, and a seriously refined set of signature-skills that set the bar extremely-high for all to follow in the crystalline-quality of the ideas, production & performance of the music. 
 Based in Toronto since 2001, Reflected Illusions first began to claim its sonic-terrain and otherworldly-atmospheres in 2004, going on to release the first album Psychosis. The chain of events to follow…the explosion of creativity and inspiring support from fans…the confirmation that the emotionally-layered instrumental, Ambient/Electro-music Rez was writing, recording & discovering was connecting to people all-over the world…it was life-changing. Throughout the years, Reflected Illusions has gone on to explore a galaxy’s worth of new combinations and experimentations, recording several albums and songs that bear the signature-style of combined mystery, melody and emotion that reflect the exploratory-nature of its creator Rez.