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Old Man of the Woods is the lo-fi, ambient pop project of Richmond and Seattle-based songwriter and producer Miranda Elliott. 
 Elliott describes her creative process as the alchemy of shit into sustenance, naming the project after a dark, scruffy mushroom that survives by the same creed. Created in her home studio in Richmond, VA, her 2020 debut EP Dissolve “blurs the line between the personal and the natural world, conjuring a vivid and sometimes eerie soundscape as damp and rich as the woodland floor” (Jon Doyle). 
 Flickering between devotion and resentment, affection and isolation, faith and doubt, Elliott's 2021 debut LP Votives forms a sonic labyrinth guided by a dream that our minds are little churches filled with votives burning for everyone we’ve loved. The first three tracks construct a triptych - the candle is lit in 'Garden', burns for a memory in 'Let Me Miss You', and is blown out in 'Votives'. As the album progresses, these themes repeat, morph, and steep. We grieve our lost loves and lost selves, slowly growing stronger and more assured, with honest moments of weakness along the way. Written from 2018 to 2021, Votives is a journey through what it means to love and be human and make mistakes and keep going. Wrapped in a warm fog of dreamy harmonies and swirling synths, it reminds us that love is magic, release is vital, and movement is forever.