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Impeccable songwriting makes Los Angeles-based Kate Isenberg stand out from other girls with guitars. With straight-to-the-heart vocals, smart lyrics, and gracefully acrobatic guitar riffs, Isenberg's folk-pop is sophisticated and accessible. After studying violin as a kid, she taught herself guitar and mandolin in college. She soon attracted notice for her unusual musicianship, performing at top songwriter venues in New York, Boston, San Francisco, Atlanta, and Los Angeles. ​ Isenberg's first album, THE TIME COMES ON HUMMING TRACKS, was a finalist for the Indie Acoustic Project's Best Female Singer-Songwriter Album of the Year. Her second studio album, GOLD RUSH TOWN, received college and commercial radio play around the U.S. and was an IAP finalist for Best Lyrics. The albums feature guest performers such as bassist Jon Evans (Tori Amos), accordionist/organist Julie Wolf (Indigo Girls, Ani DiFranco) and trumpeter Erik Jekabson (John Mayer). Isenberg is also an animator and comics artist. Her short films include an animated video for her song "Robin," and she has collaborated with fellow-songwriters in bringing their music to life on screen. She is at work on a book of comics about a bipedal unihorse named Stewball.