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The synthesizer-project CYGNOTIC of Munich-based Musician/Producer Markus Lindwurm stands for timeless atmospheric synthesizer compositions and epic melodies in between traditional electronic arrangements und progressed electronic listening. Cygnotic captures and extends the timeless epic moods of the golden analog synth-era in an evocative and modern mixed up style to an uplifted sublime creation for the next platinum electronic millennium. Therefore the melodic and often melancholic element is essential and characteristic for the Cygnotic Sound...evolving in harmonic resonance with the progressed electronic listener spanning a passage through the last four decades of electronic sequenced music resulting in the next sublime dimension of gripping melodic electronic music where time melts away in a state of euphoric melancholy.

The 2019 album release CYGNS sets the stage and new signs on the electronic horizon and shows Cygnotic in a matured, sophisticated and compact way and at the same time more ambitious then ever. True to the Cygnotic-Style the sound is shaped by epic sound fields, pulsating basslines and sparkling sequencers just sublimated by hymn-like golden leads – the cygnotic signature sound.