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Theodor Gold is the solo project of DIY multi-instrumentalist Dirkjan de Wit, writing, playing and recording everything himself in his home studio. Fueled by his eclectic musical interests, the highly energetic, psychedelic and cinematographic songwriting style built around slick guitar licks combined with classic synthesizer energy has become the trademark of Theodor's quickly building repertoire. Intergalactic, energetic & ecstatic: defying the spacetime continuum with cosmic tunes. Star in the spaghetti space Western you never knew existed.

Interstellar Odyssey is the first EP on which our eccentric space cowboy sings about his cosmic antics, shortly followed by the single Astral Destination. The second Star Searcher EP was released on April 1st 2020 and was followed shortly by the Master of the Multiverse EP on July 2nd.